In Memory of the Events of the War of Independence

In honour of Statehood Day and in memory of the events of Slovenia's war of independence in June 1991, the Kranj Regional Association of Veterans of the War for Slovenia and the SEVER Police Veterans Association of Upper Carniola held a short memorial ceremony at Ljubljana's airport. Representatives of the Slovenian Armed Forces, the Police, and Ljubljana Airport were present to honour the memory of the decisive moments in the struggle for independence and the fourteenth anniversary of our nation's independence.

During the ten-day war of 1991, the recently renovated Ljubljana Airport was evacuated overnight. On the day independence was won, 26 June, the airport was closed. The airport had been surrounded by Yugoslav Army soldiers and some buildings had come under air attack. Fortunately the airport infrastructure was not badly damaged, but unfortunately the ten-day war cost two individuals their lives.

The closure of the airport outside of certain exceptional situations when the airport was open lasted until mid-February 1992, which represented an enormous loss of traffic and revenue. During that time travellers had to go to the Klagenfurt Airport by bus. Ljubljana Airport used the time of closure to renovate airport buildings, resurface aircraft parking platforms, and introduce information technology for airport personnel and travellers. When the airport reopened, in essence, it started operations completely afresh, as its traffic had been entirely restructured and its volume was nearly four times less.

Brnik, 27 June 2005