Fun Airport Festival attracts 700 visitors

The last weekend in May saw us throw open our doors and invite visitors to take a peek behind the scenes at the airport.

The Fun Airport Festival – Family day was organised for staff on Saturday, with a rich variety of events attracting around 700 visitors. The youngsters set off on a journey with Pippi Longstocking, got to know the world through a series of creative workshops, hunted for hidden treasure, blew gigantic soap bubbles and had a whale of a time on the bouncy castle. There was a mini-Olympiad, organised by the Slovenian Olympic Committee and featuring Olympians Brigita Langerholc and Miroslav Cerar, with the most daring of the youngsters making like Peter Prevc and other titans of the slopes on a Mini Planica ski-jump. We also made paper aeroplanes with the help of model-makers from the Technical Culture Association of Slovenia.

Colleagues from Adria Airways gave presentations on the work of the pilots and cabin crew, police officers from the Brnik Airport Police Station outlined the work of the airport police, and members of the Slovenian Armed Forces gave a tour of military and mobile radar equipment. The airport’s own services outlined the work they do on airside control, as well as winter work and the equipment used to keep the runways free of snow, the tasks that have to be conducted at height, and baggage handling.

For the most inquisitive, there were guided tours of the hidden nooks and crannies dotted around the airport, while the real flying enthusiasts were given a chance to try a flight simulator in the general aviation hangar with members of the Flight Simulation Club of Slovenia, and to take a closer look at the aircraft and their various component parts. The events were given an extra boost by the work of the excellent entertainment staff provided by the ‘Simply Friends’ Institute and by an appearance from musician Alex Volasko and band.

Film of the day’s events can be viewed here.

The fun continued on Sunday with a guided tour for two groups of lucky winners, chosen from nearly 900 entrants to the ‘Take a Look Behind the Scenes at Brnik Airport’ competition organised on our Facebook page.

Zg. Brnik, 12 June 2015