Gallery Temple of Laureates: exhibition of Prešeren Award winners art works

At its 20th anniversary Prešeren Award Winners of Fine Arts Gallery Kranj prepared a resounding event consisting of various art shows in Kranj and its surroundings. The central event is an exhibition in Prešeren Award Winners of Fine Arts Gallery Kranj, joined by other institutions, keeping art collections of Prešeren Award and Prešeren Fund Laureates: The Museum of Gorenjska, Zavarovalnica Triglav, Elektro Gorenjska, Gorenjska Banka and Aerodrom Ljubljana. Exhibits will be on display from June to November 2015.

Art Collection of Aerodrom Ljubljana brings an important overview and presentation of three art pillars: the Slovenian modern art, the fine artists of the Gorenjska region, where also the airport is situated, and the works of 32 Prešeren Award Winners.

The latter are the most exquisite, rounded and recognisable part of airport's collection. Hence, it is no coincidence that Prešeren Award Winners of Fine Arts Gallery Kranj has recently invited us to join their exhibition. At the recent gallery presentation of Ciril Oblak, the architect who designed the old airport passenger building, there was also a part of Aerodrom Ljubljana Art Collection, created by Prešeren Award Winners, put on display. Thus, the collection was presented in different environment establishing fresh relations and gaining new significance. For Aerodrom this exibition was an ideal opportunity to rethink and redefine its art collection. Our cooperation was spontaneously advanced by joining the project celebrating the Gallery’s 20th Anniversary entitled the Gallery Temple of Laurates. Here we present a selection of works which are on view in airport's VIP lounge.

Drago Tršar: Taurus, 1954, bronze, 21 x 31 x 16 cm (from the art collection of Aerodrom Ljubljana). Photo by Marko Tušek.

Zg. Brnik, 7 July 2015