Presenting culinary and cultural tradition of Kamnik

Last week, together with a folklore group from Kamnik, a dairy farmer from Velika Planina named Peter Erjavšek, and representatives of the municipality of Kamnik’s Institute of Tourism and Sport, an event was held at Ljubljana Airport to show passengers something of the cultural, culinary and natural attractions of Slovenia, or more precisely, of Kamnik and its surroundings.

In the departure lounge in the passenger terminal the Kamnik folklore group prepared a nice surprise for this year’s millionth passenger, while Mr Franci Kramar, the acting director of the Institute of Tourism and Sport, gave him a symbolic gift of some Trnič, a cheese made in Velika Planina for centuries. A tasting of local and national delicacies was later held for other passengers. Both the kajžerice, a local mustard-dressed speciality from Kamnik, and the potica were hugely enjoyed by passengers waiting for their flights in the mid-morning. Mr Erjavšek was happy to provide recipes for Kamnik specialities made with Trnič and information about life on Velika Planina for those showing the greatest interest. The Kamnik folklore group presented some entertaining dances, and issued invitations to the 45th Days of National Costume and Clothing Heritage festival to be held in Kamnik next weekend.

The presentation of Kamnik and its surroundings is just one of a number of events held this year for the promotion of Slovenia with passengers. In February a book exchange corner was organised in the passenger terminal, and the airport hosted Ptuj’s famous kurenti. April was Slovenia month, which featured Slovenia’s cultural and culinary heritage. Passengers were given the chance to learn how certain artisan craft products are made, and to try some Slovenian delicacies. There was an exhibition of a series of photographs of traditional Slovenian dishes by Tomo Jeseničnik, and passengers were invited to a performance of the Škofja Loka Passion Play, based on the oldest dramatic script in Slovene. We remain committed to showing something of Slovenia’s cultural and culinary heritage to passengers in the future.

Zgornji Brnik, 8 September 2015