Collection of funds for the education of socially disadvantaged children

We have started the new year in the spirit of charity, through a joint event organised by the Zgornji Brnik and Ljubljana Grad Rotary Clubs and Aerodrom Ljubljana. To mark the occasion, a check for €6,200 was presented to the Ljubljana Moste-Polje chapter of the Friends of Youth Association. The funds will be allocated to socially disadvantaged children to cover the costs of school supplies and extracurricular activities.

In 2013 the Zgornji Brnik and Ljubljana Grad Rotary Clubs initiated the project “Z znanjem v svet” (Into the World with Knowledge) and, in cooperation with Aerodrom Ljubljana, set up four collection points at the Ljubljana airport where travellers and visitors could donate funds for the education of children from socially disadvantaged families.

In recent days, rotary club members retrieved those funds from the collection points, where many coins and banknotes in 71 different currencies accumulated over two years. The money was carefully counted, and totalled €4,800. That amount, enhanced by €400 collected from an auction of interesting banknotes plus an additional €1,000 donated by Aerodrom Ljubljana, was presented to the Ljubljana Moste-Polje chapter of the Friends of Youth Association at yesterday’s rotary club event, which was also attended by the honorary guest Brent R. Hartley, United States Ambassador to Slovenia. Thus more than €6,000 was collected and earmarked for schools supplies and extracurricular activities for socially disadvantaged children.

During yesterday’s event held in the non-Schengen section of the airport, a satisfied Zmago Skobir, Managing Director of Aerodrom Ljubljana, d. o. o., expressed his hope that the project would continue and be further enhanced. He added that, despite previous efforts, we should not be satisfied. ”It is our responsibility to strive continuously to reduce the number of socially disadvantaged children so that such collections will no longer be necessary.” He thanked both rotary clubs for initiating and carrying out the project.

We ask travellers and visitors to the airport to make a contribution to the collection points set up at different locations through the passenger terminal, and thus help children from socially disadvantaged families get the education they need and make their future brighter. The collection points will be emptied again after one year.

Brnik, 13. Januar 2016