Aerodrom Ljubljana one of the top employers

Aerodrom Ljubljana has received a top employer award from Mojedelo.com (the largest Slovenian employment web platform). In the fifth of the surveys conducted every two years by the employment portal, several thousand labour market candidates rated the reputations of individual Slovenian companies according to various criteria. Jobseekers again recognised us a successful and stable potential employer, as they had done in 2007 and 2009. Like the other top companies in this area, we achieved almost perfect marks in the criteria of the company’s profile and attractiveness, and as the choice for a potential employer. Without doubt this is excellent evidence of the efforts that the company has invested in raising its profile, not only on the labour market, but also in numerous other areas. 

The managing director, Zmago Skobir, is proud of the award, which has given a significant boost to the overall reputation of Aerodrom Ljubljana. When receiving the award, he said: “Aerodrom Ljubljana is an excellent team of highly qualified and committed individuals. This is what lies behind the quality of our services, and the company’s stable and successful long-term performance, which is responsible for our profile on the domestic and international markets. I am proud that jobseekers recognise this too, and have again ranked us as one of the most desirable companies to work for.”
The title of top employer went to Krka d.d. for the fourth consecutive year, while the other companies ranked alongside Aerodrom Ljubljana were Akrapovič, Bank of Slovenia, DARS, IBM Slovenija, Lek, Microsoft, SKB banka, Bayer, Petrol and Siemens. 

March 14, 2016