Aerodrom Ljubljana is a family-friendly company

Aerodrom Ljubljana receives the full Family-Friendly Company certificate and so joins other companies committed to ensuring a better work–life balance and even greater social responsibility. Over the past few years Aerodrom Ljubljana has successfully implemented twelve family-friendly measures designed to make it easier for employees to balance work and family life. We will continue to be family-friendly in the future.

We live in a time in which it is becoming harder and harder to balance work and family life. Achieving balance demands a great deal of organisation and coordination within the immediate and extended family and within the social community. Establishing conditions that make all this easier is the principle followed by those companies that have consciously chosen a responsible and sustainable attitude towards their employees.

We received the basic Family-Friendly Company certificate in December 2012. The achievement of full certification is confirmation that all twelve of the measures we selected have been successfully implemented in our day-to-day operations. The certificate was received on behalf of the company by Chief Administrative Officer Thomas Uihlein at a special ceremony in the Ljubljana City Museum. A further 20 companies and organisations received full certificates from Martina Vuk, State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

To highlight just a few of the most important measures, employees with family and other personal commitments are given the opportunity to work reduced hours for a specific period beyond their statutory entitlement. Employees can agree flexible work hours with their head of department for the week in which their child starts nursery school or primary school. The company promotes and organises active holidays for employees' children (camps, day care, etc.), provides gift sets for newborn babies of employees and organises an annual open day for families. We will shortly be selecting four additional measures to join those already implemented. These will further strengthen the family-friendly atmosphere in the company and build on our efforts to date to ensure the easier balancing of professional and private life at Aerodrom Ljubljana.

The Family-Friendly Company certificate guarantees companies short-term and long-term positive effects that are apparent in a reduction in employee fluctuation, reductions in sickness absenteeism and absence due to caring for a family member, a smaller number of accidents, etc., and in an increase in employee satisfaction, motivation and sense of belonging, which ultimately also leads to positive economic effects.

The acquisition of the full certificate is the result of a consulting/auditing process whose purpose is to help assess and advise employers on what tools to use to improve their human resource management in the context of balancing their employees' work and private lives. By means of an internal procedure, the company sets and implements selected goals and measures. Following an internal assessment of the situation, and with the help of an external assessor/consultant, the company chooses a plan for the implementation of measures whose aim is to improve work process management and the quality of the working environment so as to achieve a better work–life balance.

More about the certificate: http://www.certifikatdpp.si/

Brnik, June 7 2016