Sweet refreshment at KISS AND FLY

Some refreshment feels great in the hot weather! Travellers most often set out from the airport in the summer for refreshment at seaside holiday destinations, where they can take some well-earned rest. The Avionček bar now offers a KISS AND FLY corner where you can refresh yourself with some sweet delights even before you get on the plane. Visitors at the airport and arriving passengers also very welcome.  

Aerodrom Ljubljana is committed to making the passenger experience at the airport as relaxed as possible, so together with our partners we are constantly improving and expanding the selection of food and beverage services. A short time ago, the Avionček bar opened the KISS AND FLY corner on its patio close to the passenger arrivals area. Along with all its other delights, it offers guests a special kind of ice cream and ice cream cake. You can enjoy these sweet treats on the patio, or if you’re in a hurry, you can take it to go. 

The ice creams at KISS AND FLY are special because of their soft texture and the possibilitiy of combining with 24 different toppings. So each customer can add a personal touch to their ice cream refreshment, and children are especially thrilled with the colourful toppings. They can also enjoy the sweet treat of ice cream cakes (Čokomalina/chocolate raspberry, Caffelina, Greekolina, Caramelina, Cocolina and Pistacina) or a refreshing frappé in strawberry, chocolate or coffee flavour. The bar also offers the classic iced coffee, Greek coffee, mini pies and cakes, cupcakes, croissants and other sweet snacks, and fresh juices. 
For flyljubljana members the Avionček bar offers special prices for ice cream and iced coffee in its KISS AND FLY corner. For more information, go to www.flyljubljana.si. Enrolment in the loyalty programme flyljubljana, in which Aerodrom Ljubljana rewards the loyalty of passengers and those visiting the airport, is free.

Give your loved one a kiss, refresh yourself with a treat and fly off to new summer experiences!


Zg. Brnik, 17 June 2016