Outstanding sporting achievements by Aerodrom Ljubljana employees

Aerodrom Ljubljana encourages its employees to take part in sports activities. We provide financial support to enable employees to participate in a number of major sporting events and in this way encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise.

Aerodrom Ljubljana employees have already tackled a wide variety of sporting challenges this year. In January they took part in the Lions Bowling Tournament, a charity event, in May they competed in the Troika Run on the streets of Ljubljana, part of the March Along the Wire event, while in June cyclists from Aerodrom Ljubljana competed in the 2016 BTC City Franja Cycling Marathon, the 35th edition of this event.

Alenka Pavc, foto: Tina DoklOutstanding ultramarathon runner Alenka Pavc,who works in the passenger handling department at Aerodrom Ljubljana, was the outright winner of this year's UPT (Ultra Pušeljc Trail) ultramarathon. This was her second attempt at the 100+ km race, in which around 80 runners have to cope with climbs and descents of more than 6,000 metres. Her gold medal this year joins the bronze she took at her first attempt last year. Many hours of hard work lie behind this outstanding achievement.

At the beginning of July the city of Novi Sad (Serbia) hosted the ninth European Veterans Basketball Championship. A team from Slovenia took part in the event for the first time this year and scored an excellentsecond place in the over 45s category. Aerodrom Ljubljana employee Edo Golob was a vital part of the Slovenian team. The players were helped on the way to their excellent result by a small donation from Aerodrom Ljubljana.

A number of other interesting running events await our employees in the second half of the year. September is all about the Runway Run 4.0. At least seven Aerodrom Ljubljana employees will take part in this unique 10 km charity run along the runway of Budapest Airport. And even more of our employees are expected to take part in the 21st Ljubljana Marathon

Zg. Brnik, 30 July 2016