Slovenian breakfast at Ljubljana Airport

Early this morning passengers and staff at Ljubljana Airport were given a Slovenian breakfast pack. Within Traditional Slovenian Breakfast  project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food 1,100 packs in all were handled out. Main goal of the project is to raise awareness of Slovenian traditions and to support domestic suppliers.

The Aerodrom Ljubljana (airport operator) and Mercator (Slovenian retailer) teams handed out Slovenian breakfasts from 5.30 to 10 am, during which time 11 flights departed and arrived. Breakfasts were also handed out to staff working at the airport this morning, and to drivers of taxis and other passenger vehicles, police officers, customs officers, and staff in retail and catering outlets at the airport. Everyone enjoyed their bread, milk, butter, cheese and apple, with many admitting that they did not eat breakfast regularly enough.

The aim in handing out Slovenian breakfasts is to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy breakfast, and to support domestic producers and Slovenian traditions. All contributing to a project are aware of the huge importance of food from the local environment, which has higher added value.

Slovenian Food Day is the third Friday of November, when the Traditional Slovenian Breakfast event takes place and children at schools and kindergartens breakfast on foods from their local region. The main objectives are supporting Slovenian food producers and manufacturers, raising awareness of the importance of food security, a healthy diet, the conservation of a clean, healthy environment, the preservation of the countryside, and knowledge of food production and processing among young people, and encouraging interest in agriculture and the food industry. The project is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food and its partners.

At the airport Slovenian Food day will be upgraded by »Slovenian offer" For the whole month airport bars, restaurants and shops will be offering traditional Slovenian dishes and products at promotional prices.

Brnik, November 16, 2016