Netko 2005 for Outstanding Achievement by Ljubljana Airport


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia presented its Netko awards for the best web pages of 2005. Ljubljana Airport was awarded the Netko for outstanding achievement. This is the airport's fourth prestigious recognition in a row for excellent web communication following last year's golden Netko, this year's Izidor award and a silver medal at the Slovenian Advertising Festival.

This recognition means the most of all to us, because it demonstrates that the website www.lju-airport.si is not only exceptionally well-planned and presented, but also that the editorial group from Ljubljana Airport and the Hal Interactive agency, which designed the website, are maintaining it and adding to it with excellence.

The jury for this year's Netko wrote the following in justifying its decision:

"The Ljubljana Airport website already received the gold Netko award in 2004 as the best large Slovenian company website. This jury saw distinction in the technological advances, excellent information design, functional and minimalist graphic visual image, and contemporariness and suitability of the content built into the website.

A year later, this website can pride itself on having added to the excellence it already achieved with careful maintenance, in both commissioning it as well as its execution. The website thus furthers its ambition and achievement of high standards. It does not succumb to unused functionalism, deficits in content or inoperable technical solutions that beset many websites that are initially set up too broadly. Communication with various target groups in Slovenia and abroad remains impeccable and representative.

This year the Ljubljana Airport website therefore deserves the special award for maintaining quality and excellence achieved."

Brnik 20 October 2005