Ljubljana Airport: 17.9 percent more passengers through September

The supervisory board of Ljubljana Airport met for its third regular session and reviewed an analysis of scheduled, charter and freight traffic for 2003, 2004 and the first nine months of 2005, which will serve as the basis for all further market activity at Ljubljana Airport. In the first nine months of this year the number of passengers at Ljubljana Airport increased by 17.9 percent.

The analysis showed that the number of passengers to Balkan destinations has been falling from year to year, and that the airport is losing its status as a hub for the Balkans. Competition between airlines is continually growing (among seven scheduled airlines) and is especially noticeable for connections to London, Paris and Vienna. The former hubs for connections to additional destinations such as London, Munich and Frankfurt are being replaced or joined by additional ones such as Paris, Prague and Budapest. Competition between airlines has not only redirected passenger flows from one hub to another, but has also increased passenger numbers.

The analysis of charter flights (outgoing tourism) indicates increased activity by Slovenias domestic airline in this area in 2005. This is also being supplemented with exceptional success by foreign airlines, the number of which is constantly growing. In the first nine months of 2005 there was an appreciable increase in passenger numbers, which grew by 37.8 percent.

Stagnation in freight traffic following EU entry dictated that market activities be divided into two areas: truck freight and air freight. A new marketing strategy for freight traffic is also being carried out.

In the first nine months of 2005, there were a total of 956,115 passengers at the airport, which is a 17.9 percent increase over the same period last year. In comparison with last year, the market share of passengers carried by Slovenias domestic airline decreased by 11.6 percent, standing at 69.8 percent in the first nine months of 2005. This number has now reached 1,050,000 passengers, a number that was recorded at the end of December last year. The growth in traffic is a result of attentive monitoring and analysis of trends and planned marketing by Ljubljana Airport, which is oriented toward acquiring new passengers, scheduled, budget and charter airlines, and consolidation of Slovenias tourism operators.

As part of the third regular session, the supervisory board members also examined the airport as well as its operations, airport services and funds. They directed special attention to funds for winter service and for ensuring traffic safety. Today, as every year, Ljubljana Airport used the last working day before 1 November to lay out and inspect its winter equipment, which also symbolically marks the beginning of the winter season. As of today, the airports winter service is ready for action.

Brnik, 27 October 2005