Increased Traffic and Revenues at Ljubljana Airport

In the first nine months of 2005 Ljubljana Airport recorded an increase in both traffic and revenues. In comparison with last year, the share of passengers carried by foreign airlines increased from 13 to 28 percent.

The company's supervisory board has been presented with the report on operations in the first nine-months of 2005. Operating revenues during this period amounted to SIT 4.787 billion, which was 14 percent higher than last year and fulfilled 80 percent of the annual plan. Among operating revenues, the highest share (52 percent) is represented by revenues from airport services and 23 percent each by revenues from ground handling services and revenues from commercial activities. At SIT 3.148 billion, operating expenses were 10 percent higher than last year (71 percent of the annual plan). Our operating result of SIT 1.639 billion is 22 percent above that of the same period last year and exceeds the annual plan by 3 percent. Adding up financial and extraordinary income and taking into account financial and extraordinary expenses, the operating result before taxes amounts to SIT 2.016 billion and exceeds last year's amount by 5 percent (89 percent of the annual plan).

In scheduled passenger traffic the share of passengers travelling on foreign airlines increased from 13 percent in the first nine months of 2004 to 28 percent this year. The foreign carriers flying to Ljubljana Airport include Air France, Austrian Airlines, ČSA Czech Airlines, easyJet, Israir, JAT, LOT Polish Airlines and Malév.

A recent analysis of traffic at Ljubljana Airport in 2003, 2004 and the first nine months of 2005 indicates that the number of passengers flying to Balkan destinations has been falling from year to year and that the airport is losing its status as a hub for the Balkans. Former hubs for connections to more distant destinations, such as Vienna, Munich and Frankfurt, are being challenged or added to by new ones such as Paris, Prague and Budapest. An analysis of charter flights (outgoing tourism) indicates increased activity by Slovenia's domestic airline in this area in 2005. Foreign carriers, the number of which is constantly increasing, have also been very successful in serving this area.

In addition, the statistics for traffic through the end of October are also now available. Including October, Ljubljana Airport recorded 32,632 aircraft takeoffs and landings, which is 8.7 percent more than in the same period last year, and 1,061,004 passengers, which is an increase of 17.5 percent in comparison to last year. Ljubljana Airport served its millionth passenger on 13 October, and on 28 October achieved the volume of traffic recorded on the last day of 2004.

Brnik, 24 November 2005