Moderate Growth Planned for 2006

At Ljubljana Airport we are planning for a six percent increase in the overall number of passengers, which amounts to 1,280,019 passengers carried. We are anticipating two percent growth in the number of aircraft takeoffs and landings, or a total of 40,192. Growth of three percent in freight traffic is also planned, and we expect 12,052 tons of freight to pass through our airport in 2006.

In 2006 we are forecasting operating revenues in the amount of SIT 6.634 bio, which is 6 percent higher than the estimated revenues for 2005.

We will continue to realize the investment plans we have defined in the company's development strategy. In 2006 we are planning to invest SIT 2.437 bio in the company. The greatest investment will be represented by the extension of taxiway A to threshold 31. Preparatory work for the construction of a new passenger terminal is also expected. We will continue purchasing land in order to complete Ljubljana Airport's ownership in the area of the spatial planning conditions adjacent to the airport. We will also draft documentation for communal infrastructure in the new parcels of land in the spatial planning area as well as provide communal infrastructure for parcels of land designated for construction of the transport and logistics centre.

Brnik, 5 January 2006