Slovenia: the new destination for Turkish Airlines

From today forward, Turkish Airlines will fly three times a week between Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and Istanbul. It plans to carry around 30,000 passengers on the route over the course of a year. Turkish Airlines has also opened a representative office at Ljubljana Airport.

A Turkish Airlines plane landed at Ljubljana Airport for the first time today, marking the start of a scheduled route between Istanbul and Ljubljana that will be served by 165-seater Boeing 737-800 aeroplanes. Turkish Airlines will link Ljubljana with Atatürk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, three times a week, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. Turkish Airlines has also chosen today to open its own representative office in Slovenia here at Ljubljana Airport.

"We are very pleased that Turkish Airlines has expanded its already extensive programmes of scheduled air routes to include our airport. Turkish Airlines' services will be of particular interest on the Slovenian market to those travelling to Asia, as the company traditionally has very good connections between most countries in the Balkans and destinations in the Middle East and Far East. They are expecting their cooperation with Aerodrom Ljubljana to lead to a gain of around 30,000 new passengers per year. I very much hope that these flights will also be used by Turkish tourists interested in visiting Slovenia," said Vinko Može, President of the Board at Aerodrom Ljubljana.

Ljubljana airport is the major and central airport of the Republic of Slovenia, providing the people of Slovenia and neighbouring countries with airport and commercial services, and meeting their need for high-quality air connections to the rest of the world. The airport's geographically proximity to the capital means it plays a special role for the whole country.

The Ljubljana airport is managed by Ljubljana Aerodrom, a public limited company. Ljubljana Aerodrom's business policy is very much development orientated. Over the last decade the airport has been completely renovated and reorganised. On 1 June 2005 our latest successful project a modern parking garage with a business wing was officially opened. The parking garage with its business wing represents the first move in an intense investment cycle at Ljubljana Airport that includes a new passenger terminal.

Aerodrom Ljubljana recorded a passenger volume of 1,218,896 people in 2005, a 16.3-per cent increase on 2004. The number of flights was 37,765, an increase of 6.4 per cent in comparison with the previous year. One of Aerodrom Ljubljana's most important strategic goals is to further increase the number of passengers flying with foreign carriers over the next few years. In 2006 Aerodrom Ljubljana is planning a five-per cent increase in the total number of passengers, which would amount to a passenger volume of 1,280,019 people. A six-percent increase in the number of flights is planned, amounting to a total of 40,192 flights, along with a four-per cent increase in cargo tonnage.

Brnik, 16 January 2006