We love to make you happy

Happiness is the driving force of life and thanks to you, our passengers, the airport is full of it – when we send you off into the world and when we welcome you back home again. Thank you for flying from Ljubljana Airport!

As 2016 draws to a close, we at Aerodrom Ljubljana have prepared a festive communication campaign highlighting the best of our relationship with our stakeholders (passengers, business partners, employees and owners). Its slogan "We love to make you happy!" expresses the essential feeling that characterises all our interactions with you.

With Christmas just around the corner, Santa Clause and his elf helper sneaked into the airport to surprise departing passengers with seasonal gifts. They will also have gifts for our friends on Facebook. We captured the whole scene – silly moments and all – in our exclusive video "Mission HAPPY". To watch it click the picture below.

Spreading good wishes and a festive spirit in the passenger terminal is a 10-metre balloon installation spelling out the word HAPPY, while messages of seasonal goodwill to passengers and employees also appear on advertising surfaces around the airport. For our business partners we devised a fun animated electronic greetings card and, on selected days in December, put a smile on their faces with a HAPPY sweet pack containing cake pops in the colours of Aerodrom Ljubljana.

Brnik, December 23, 2016