Aerodrom Ljubljana Again in the Company of the Most Reputable Employers

Once again this year Aerodrom Ljubljana received an award from the Mojedelo.com employment portal recognising reputable employers. The portal conducted its in-depth survey ofthe most reputable Slovenian employers for the sixth consecutive time. Just as in the previous years, the survey saw several thousand jobseekers participating as respondents judging the reputation enjoyed by Slovenian companies on the labour market according to a variety of criteria. Aerodrom Ljubljana received this recognition for the fourth time, which confirms the efforts that the company invests in its image on the market. Recognition was on behalf of Aerodrom Ljubljana accepted by Thomas Uihlein, Chief Administrative Officer.

The companies vying for this prestigious title had to achieve nearly optimum values for all the criteria judged. The combination of these criteria was then used to determine the most attractive and reputable employers according to jobseekers. Some of the criteria included the company’s level of recognition and its attractiveness, as well as the decision of whether a certain company is the jobseeker’s number one choice in terms of employment.

The Managing Director of Aerodrom Ljubljana, Zmago Skobir, commented on this award by saying: “We are happy and proud to have yet again joined the company of the most reputable employers. Reputation is by all means a reflection of the company’s success, which is in turn a reflection of our many years of efforts and investments in our brand. We build our recognition on the market through the quality of services that are based on employee knowledge, professionalism, and motivation. The fact that this is the fourth time we have received the award is also proof that our practice, which is based on sustainable relations with employees, is yielding results. We will remain dedicated to this in the future as well."

This year’s survey resulted in the selection of Krka as the most reputable employer, while the following also joined Aerodrom Ljubljana in the company of the employers with the highest reputation ratios: Akrapovič, Banka Slovenije, Bayer, Dars, IBM Slovenija, Lek, Petrol, Pipistrel and Microsoft.