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Aerodrom Ljubljana has rebranded to Fraport Slovenija on 20 April 2017. The renaming and rebranding is the final step of integrating Aerodrom Ljubljana into the Fraport Group, a process which has taken over two years. This clearly demonstrates how Fraport's 32 companies (including 27 airport managing companies) throughout the world all have equal membership in the global Group. Fraport's single global brand strategy defines and illustrates intra-group relations and enhances its strength and visibility on the international stage. Ljubljana Airport is a new brand with corresponding graphic image and is used to indicate the airport as a destination.

The new name and graphic image have been accompanied with a campaign to present all novelties to our key stakeholders (passengers and visitors, business partners, employees and press). Besides the new logos and name it communicates our core - passengers and employees, that are a link between the past and present. The main message derives from premise, that Ljubljana Airport is the central airport, from which passengers love to travel from and come back to.

You can take a look at the promotional video, which is one of the main campaign elements, below. The main roles in its story are played by our colleagues and their relatives.

See also behind the scenes of the video, which was entirely filmed at Ljubljana Airport: