Award for Best Annual Report on Sustainable Development

Fraport Slovenia received the award for the best annual report in the field of sustainable development at the 18th Business and Financial Reporting Competitions organized by the Finance newspaper. Award was received yesterday by the Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija Zmago Skobir and Primož Primožič, environmental expert and responsible for the project of preparation of the report.
The competition is a platform for the highest standards in the preparation of annual reports. The reports are evaluated by an independent commission, each report being evaluated with points by field of content of the report and from a communications point of view. The award is certainly an acknowledgment to all those who participated in the report, and above all to the efforts of Fraport Slovenija in the field of sustainable development.

"The top management is responsible for the adoption of sustainability strategy and its programme. All employees are engaged in the implementation of the sustainability programme, in accordance with our powers and responsibilities we have, while the report is prepared by the responsible for individual areas, together with employees, project groups and committees. Sustainability and social responsibility are definitely becoming an important pillar of the development of Fraport Slovenia and we are pleased and proud that our efforts are recognized in the form of such awards," said Zmago Skobir.

The 2016 Report is our second such report, and it depicts the continuation of the existing sustainable practices and it presents some new ones which were introduced in 2016. It sets out, in a systematic and transparent way, all the efforts we are making towards ensuring sustainable development.

2016 Sustainability report [click on cover] 

The Sustainability Report also contains a basic company profile, a description of the company’s business operations and future development, a presentation of the principles of sustainable communication, details of specific projects that demonstrate the company’s sustainable approach towards its employees, passengers, visitors, business partners, suppliers and the environment, and our activities relating to social responsibility.