Fraport Slovenija again recognised as a reputable employer

Fraport Slovenija has once again this year received a “Reputable Employer” award from the employment website mojedelo.com. As well as being recognised as one of the ten most reputable employers in Slovenia, we have also received an award as the most reputable employer in the field of transport, delivery and logistics. The site conducted its seventh in-depth survey of the most reputable Slovenian employers. More than 10,000 jobseekers took part in the survey, rating the reputation of Slovenian companies on the labour market according to a variety of criteria. This is the fifth time that Fraport Slovenija has received the accolade – recognition of the efforts the company invests in its image on the market. The award was received on behalf of Fraport Slovenija by Špela Uršič, head of the HR and training department.

“We are delighted and proud to have been recognised as a reputable employer for the fifth time overall and the third year in a row. For us this is a new, further milestone in our constant efforts to forge good relations with our employees and, at the same time, an incentive to continue in the same vein. Our employees are the motor, the heart, of our enterprise. The 20% growth in traffic seen this year, which is the highest in the region, would not have been possible if our staff had not been willing and able to shift the boundaries continuously and to establish new targets,” said general manager Zmago Skobir, adding: “We require the best possible knowledge, experience and stamina for this level of success and for the high-quality services we provide, as well as bold, innovative thinking. To be a reputable employer in the eyes of jobseekers makes our recruitment efforts easier. We therefore see this title as a strategic advantage.”

The survey named Krka as the most reputable employer in the country, with the rest of the top ten, including Fraport Sloenija, comprising, in alphabetical order: Adria Airways, d.d., Akrapovič, d.d., Banka Intesa Sanpaolo, d.d., Banka Slovenije, Bayer, d.o.o., IBM Slovenija, d.o.o., Lek, d.d., Microsoft, d.o.o.