Merry christmas and happy new year!

The year now ending has been without a doubt one of our most successful ever. We at Fraport Slovenija will remember it above all for the significant (and in some ways record-breaking) growth in traffic, for the renaming of the company as Fraport Slovenia and the adoption of a new corporate image, and for the announcement of an expansion of the existing passenger terminal.

We achieved two new traffic records: the highest passenger figures that our airport has ever seen in September – 180,380 passengers, which is around 30,000 more than September last year. And the highest ever number of passengers passing through the airport on a single day – 8,372 passengers on Sunday, 17 September. It was no coincidence that we achieved this record on that particular Sunday, because that was the day that Slovenia won the gold medal at the European Basketball Championship in Istanbul. 

At the beginning of April low-cost airline Transavia introduced a thrice-weekly service between Ljubljana and Amsterdam, while with the changeover to its winter timetable Adria Airways introduced a thrice-weekly Kiev service.

Undoubtedly one of the more important projects this year was the renaming of Aerodrom Ljubljana to Fraport Slovenia and the adoption of a new corporate image in accordance with the guidelines of the Fraport Group. This represented the last important step in the more than two-year process of integration with the Group. At the same time we announced the expansion of the existing passenger terminal. This will enable us to eliminate the congestion resulting from growing passenger numbers and the changed structure of traffic. The existing passenger terminal, which covers 13,000 square metres, will be partly renovated and functionally incorporated with the new building. Following the expansion, the entire terminal construction is expected to commence immediately and will be completed by the time the new terminal greets its first passengers in spring 2020.

The new airport bypass project is nearing completion and next year will see the start of several other important projects in the business and logistics zones, among which will probably be a training centre for the Fraport Aviation Academy. The complete overhaul of the airport information system is continuing. Once finished, this will increase the speed, quality and efficiency of our services. 

All this would not have been possible without you, as you are our encouragement and the most important part of our vision. As the holidays begin we would like to thank all of you who have shared this past year with us. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year with this Fraport Group's global greeting which was made in all countries in which fraport ha its subsidiaries. 

And of course:

Kind. Cosy. Safe.