Increased Traffic and Higher Revenues in First Three Months

In comparison with first three months last year, the quarter ended with an 11 percent increase in the number of passengers, a 19 percent increase in freight transported, 12 percent higher operating revenues and a 54 percent higher operating result. The information on business operations was prepared in line with international accounting standards for the first time.

In comparison with the first three months of 2005, there was an 11 percent increase in passengers alongside an approximately equal number of aircraft takeoffs and landings. The growth in passenger numbers and tonnage of freight transported was also reflected in increased operating revenues for the company. In the first three months these amounted to SIT 1.392 billion, which is 12 percent more than in the same period last year. Operating expenses were up by 6 percent and the operating result by a full 54 percent. The net operating result for the period amounted to SIT 266 million, which is 24 percent higher than in the same period last year and represents 14 percent of the annual plan.

In comparison with the same period the previous year, operating results in the first quarter of 2006 showed growth in all areas. However, because of the seasonal nature of activity the achievement of the annual plan lags behind by a proportional amount. The least traffic at the airport is realized in January, February and March and the greatest share in July, August and September. During the summer months numerous charter connections are established, the number of scheduled flights is greater and the passenger load factor of aircraft is higher.

Regarding investment in construction, the greatest attention was directed toward preparations for beginning the first construction phase of the new passenger terminal, that is, adapting the passenger terminal for separate domestic (Schengen) and international traffic, which will be accomplished by 30 June 2007. A number of important events occurred at Ljubljana Airport following the end of the accounting period. These included the signing of a building permit agreement for a new passenger terminal and the announcement of a public tender to select a contractor to carry out construction of phase one of the new passenger terminal and adaptation of the existing terminal. In May an agreement was signed with DHL Express on the construction and long-term lease of facilities where DHL will conduct all of its operations in Slovenia (this will also be the first structure in the new commercial-logistics zone to be built at the airport). Since 1 May a new low-cost airline has been operating at the airport: the Polish-Hungarian company Wizz Air, which flies four times a week to London and Brussels. Adria Airways has also opened three new connections: to Tirana, Rome and Barcelona.

Brnik 25 May 2006