A contract for airport apron expansion

The president and CEO of Aerodrom Ljubljana d. d., Vinko Može, and the chairman of the board of SCT d. d., Ivan Zidar, signed a contract for the expansion of the main airport apron. The total value of the contract is nearly SIT 204 million, and construction workers from SCT have already began their work. To avoid any stoppage in airport traffic, the work must be completed in two months, by 1 August 2006.

In addition to the expansion of the main airport apron (by approximately 5,800 m²), the contract signed today also covers elevation adjustments and partial renovation of the existing apron (approximately 5,000 m²), the application of a thin overlay resistant to petroleum derivatives, arranging drainage with oil separators, and setting up edge lights and a reflective pole for apron lighting. The value of the work covered by the contract signed today amounts to SIT 203,975,841.18.

SCT construction workers will begin by expanding the airport apron (earthwork and pavement structure), followed by renovation of the existing apron. The renovation work will take place so that the smallest possible part of the airport apron is closed to airport traffic. The final phase of work in the expansion of the airport apron will be completed with a thermoplastic surface dressing, ground markers and edge lighting.

The expansion of the main airport apron is a step forward in the modernization of Ljubljanas airport. The work must be completed before the first phase of construction begins on the new passenger terminal (the project is in the contractor selection phase). Tasks for Ljubljana Airport in the coming years include a taxiway extension along the runway, rerouting the road past the airport and a business-logistics zone that will offer space for the many companies connected to airport activity.

Brnik, 1 June 2006