Contract for the new terminal approved by shareholders at the 10th general meeting and by the supervisory board

Shareholders assembled today for Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d.s 10th general meeting. The supervisory board had met prior to this, and given its approval for the contract for the construction of the new passenger terminal.

The general meeting was attended by those representing 79.07% of the capital in terms of voting rights on ordinary shares, and 89.32% of the capital in terms of voting rights on ordinary shares and preference participating shares. The general meeting received the supervisory boards evaluation of the annual report for 2005, decided on the use of the distributable profit for the 2005 financial year, and conferred official approval on the management board and the supervisory board for their work during the previous financial year. KPMG Slovenija was appointed the official auditor for the companys performance and financial statements in the 2006 financial year. Decisions were also taken on remuneration for members of the supervisory board, the changeover to the euro, and the introduction of no-par-value shares. Details of the resolutions passed by the general meeting are given in the attached document, on the website of Ljubljana stock exchange (http://seonet.ljse.si), and on the website of Aerodrom Ljubljana (www.lju-airport.si).

The supervisory board held a session before the general meeting. The supervisory board gave the management board the go-ahead to sign the contract for the construction of Phase 1 of the new T2 passenger terminal and for the adaptation of the old T1 passenger terminal. Three bids were received in the public tender, of which one was late. Bids were submitted on time by SCT d.d. and Alpine Mayereder Bau GmbH. After reviewing and evaluating the bids, at the proposal of the commission the management board decided to accept the bid made by SCT d.d. in the amount of just over 2.3 billion tolars (excluding VAT).

Brink, 22 June 2005