Agreement on Passenger Terminal Construction Concluded

The president and CEO of Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d., Vinko Može, and the chairman of the board of SCT d.d., Ivan Zidar, signed an agreement on construction of the first phase of the new passenger terminal (T2) and adaptation of the existing terminal (T1) at Ljubljana Airport. The total contract value of the work agreed upon today amounts to nearly SIT 2.3 billion (without VAT).

The subject of the agreement is the adaptation of the existing terminal, an annex to the existing terminal, and construction of an upper floor for departure lounges and border control. The upper floor will later connect the existing terminal with the new T2 terminal, construction of which will begin in 2008. SCT, which was selected as the contractor on the basis of the best offer in a public tender, will fulfil its contractual obligations within 261 calendar days. To create the four-level structure (basement, ground floor and two upper floors), the STC team will use 11,770 cubic meters of formwork, 3,300 cubic meters of concrete, 290 tons of reinforcing steel and 244 tons of steel structure. The structure will have 6,000 square meters of surface area with 3,640 square meters of roofing and 4,600 square meters of facade material. Executing the entire project will be very demanding because operations at the airport must not be interrupted during the construction and all passenger and luggage safety standards must be met despite the work. Much of the work will take place at night. Preparation work will take place immediately, and actual construction will commence as soon as the airport apron has been expanded. This is expected to be completed in a few days and will also provide the airport with additional parking area for aircraft.

Vinko Može and Ivan Zidar

The total investment value of the adaptation of the T1 terminal and the construction of a connecting corridor to the new terminal amounts to €12 million. In addition to construction, finishing and installation work, this includes equipment purchases, the most important of which is four passenger boarding bridges for boarding aircraft. Aircraft parking will also be adapted to the passenger boarding bridges.

The adaptation and expansion of the existing terminal will primarily satisfy the requirements of the Schengen border system, which requires physical separation of passengers into domestic and international. Immediately after the completion of the first phase of construction, Ljubljana Airport will begin construction of the new T2 passenger terminal, which will be able to accommodate 850 arriving passengers and 850 departing passengers with 36 check-in windows. The terminal is expected to be completed in 2010, making 38,000 square meters of new floor area available to passengers. The investment value of the second part of the project exceeds €40 million.

Ljubljana Airport, which has the goal of developing into the leading regional airport in the next 15 years, will completely change its image. Together with the construction of the terminal, a business-logistics centre will be built on a 20 hectare area for the development of tourism, trade, warehousing, logistics and other airport-related activities. The KranjMengeš road will be rerouted to the north and the taxiway along the runway expanded, thus increasing safety and runway capacity. The airport grounds will also see the construction of new structures for business and administrative programmes with car parks, a hotel complex, recreational and sports facilities, production and business facilities, and facilities for aircraft maintenance and the airport's maintenance activity.

Brnik, 18 July 2006