“Aviation Accident 2006” Exercise

On Saturday, 14 October the annual national protection and rescue exercise Aviation Accident 2006 will be held at Ljubljana Airport. The organisers' aim is to check the readiness and training of protection, rescue and medical teams in the event of a major aviation accident.

The exercise scenario involves an incident during the landing of an Adria Airways' Airbus 320 with 152 passengers and six crew members, in which a crosswind causes the aeroplane to crash 400 metres to the right of the main runway. After hitting the ground the aeroplane splits in two, leading to fuel leakage and a fire. In the exercise scenario the initial information is that tens of passengers are dead and tens more very seriously injured.
The exercise is organised by the Ministry of Defences Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief, the Ministry of Transport's Aviation Directorate and the Ministry of the Interiors General Police Directorate, as well as the Ministry of Health, the air traffic control company, Aerodrom Ljubljana, Adria Airways, the Inspectorate for Protection Against Natural and Other Disasters and the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem.
To ensure that work at the airport continues uninterrupted, the exercise will be limited in time and area, and is intended for the relevant professional services only.
More information on the exercise will be given at a press conference at 11 AM on Thursday, 12 October at Ljubljana Airport.

Brnik, 5 October 2006