Ljubljana Airport Becomes Air Freight Hub

UPS has started a daily air freight connection between Brnik and Cologne as part of its business network expansion. Freight will be carried to onward destinations on Adria Airways flights.

The start of the daily air freight route was marked today by a detailed presentation of the strategic cooperation between the partners: UPS, Aerodrom Ljubljana, Intereuropa and Adria Airways. Information was provided on the expansion of the UPS network, their cooperation with Intereuropa and the impact that UPS will have on the business development of Aerodrom Ljubljana and Adria Airways. Adria Airways and Aerodrom Ljubljana have long planned to make Ljubljana airport the air freight hub for Southeastern Europe, and Adria Airways will now become the regions major air freight carrier.

Zmago Skobir, the Aerodrom Ljubljana management board member responsible for marketing strategy: Cooperation with UPS means making a reality of our forecast that we would become an important air freight hub for this part of Europe. The arrival of UPS is an extremely important business move, which will increase the volume of freight we handle together with Aerodrom Ljubljana by 50%. I have to emphasise how much this is a joint project involving many partners. I think its a fine example of partnership that will benefit all of us involved in air freight. This is also an opportunity for Slovenia, because this is the first time it has really appeared on the European map in this sector, and because it offers Slovenia a genuine competitive advantage over neighbouring countries.

Goran Travner, director of UPS Slovenija, said: We have enjoyed an excellent business relationship with Intereuropa since we started working together in 1991. These flights will allow us to distribute packages of all sizes for our clients, in Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

Zvezdan Markežič, deputy president of the management board Intereuropa, d.d., also spoke, saying: Since 1989 Intereuropa d.d. has successfully operated as an agent for the global courier services of the Atlanta-based package delivery company UPS. Intereuropa d.d. has an exclusive contract to provide these services for UPS in Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. For Intereuropa, the new daily flights with a Boeing 767 freight aircraft between Cologne and Brnik are a mark of the considerable trust that UPS, our senior partner, has in us, and recognition of our work to date. Opening the loading terminal at Brnik is the first case of the UPS company entrusting these kinds of services outside its own organisational structure, i.e. to one of its agents. In addition to the recognition this brings to Intereuropa, the new loading terminal also adds value to our services, as it will significantly reduce transit time for our customers cargo, increasing the competitiveness of our services. The positive impact will not only be felt in Slovenia, but also in Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the other Balkan countries.

"Adria Airways is committed to this UPS project as the connecting freight carrier, said Janez Krašnja, assistant to the Adria Airways management board, at the presentation of the new agreement, and explained: The increased demand that UPS will bring has led to us opening two new freight routes, to Sofia and Zagreb. We will also be using connections within the air freight network we have developed this year with routes to Sarajevo, Belgrade and Priština, and strengthening freight flows on our network to destinations in Southeastern Europe via Ljubljana airport. This years expansion of the air freight network has meant a 30% growth in cargo traffic. We expect the new routes to lead 20% more growth in the coming year."

Brnik, 21 November 2006