Srebrni Sejalec 2006 for Ljubljana Airport and GIZ SPOT

On 7 December 2006, at the 9th Slovenian Tourism Forum, the Slovenian Tourist Organisation awarded us the Srebrni Sejalec [Silver Sower] 2006, a prize for creative and innovative achievements in tourism contributing to the greater exposure of Slovenias tourist attractions and services.

The SPOT consortium is organised as a commercial interest association. It emerged for the purpose of organising faster and more numerous arrivals in Slovenia of guests by air. The founders of the consortium are Aerodrom Ljubljana [Ljubljana Airport], the Istrabenz Group, G&P Hotels and the Grand Hotel Toplice within the Sava Group, Globtour and the Ljubljana Institute for Tourism. There are now more than 30 partners in the association. Partners contribute funds for the joint promotion of services in markets where there are low-fare flight connections to Slovenia. Since the consortium has been in operation, it has taken some of the credit for the establishing of two budget air connections to Slovenia. The number of tourists travelling by air to Slovenia has risen markedly, something that has also been felt by numerous tourism service providers in Slovenia. The results of the new features of this entry are the reason why GIZ SPOT has earned the prize for innovative achievements in tourism contributing to the greater exposure and number of people visiting Slovenia, reads the citation.

This year the Slovenian Tourist Organisation call for entries for the Sejalec prize elicited 27 entries of innovative achievements. In June we submitted a pre-registration of entry. Then 15 candidates were selected to prepare detailed final entries, which we submitted electronically in September. All the entries were studied by the seven-member expert committee, coordinated by Dejan Križaj MA of Turistica, University of Primorska. The committee comprises a representative of the Tourism Directorate, a representative of the Slovenian Tourist Organisation, three representatives of academic institutions and two people from business. The members visited individual candidates or invited them for an interview. Then they evaluated the electronic entries separately, with the sum of all the evaluations determining the winners.

Brnik, 10 December 2006