Aerodrom Ljubljana board has three members again

The supervisors of Aerodrom Ljubljana adopted the enlargement of the management board. Vinko Može and Zmago Skobir will be joined by Janez Kolar, MA.  The supervisors also discussed the company's development strategy up to 2015.

The supervisory board of Aerodrom Ljubljana appointed Janez Kolar, MA as the new management board member responsible for the area of safety and protection, IT systems and training. This has enlarged the company's management board, which previously had just two members. Kolar was appointed for a five-year term, which begins on 1 March 2007. "Enlargement of the board had been planned for a long time and is the logical consequence of the company's continuously increasing scope of operations," said Janez Čadež, chairman of the Aerodrom Ljubljana supervisory board, commenting on the appointment.

The supervisory board also deliberated over the Corporate Development Strategy 2007 to 2015. This document is the basis for the long-term operations of Aerodrom Ljubljana and for operational management, and will also serve as support for decision-making and supervisory processes.

In its development, Aerodrom Ljubljana has focused primarily on two goals: increasing passenger and cargo transport and developing activities that are associated with aviation and logistics, in the area and surroundings of the airport. In addition to this, together with local tourism companies and tour operators, Aerodrom Ljubljana will strive to increase the business generated by incoming foreign visitors arriving in Slovenia by air. The strategic goal is for Ljubljana Airport to handle an annual throughput of 2.18 million passengers by 2015, along with 23,300 tons of cargo. In the cargo sector, plans are focused primarily on building a hub for the distribution of rapid consignments and goods on routes from Southeastern Europe via Ljubljana into Western Europe. The supervisory board agreed in principle with the strategy under discussion, although it did propose certain supplemental points. The strategy will be finally confirmed at one of the upcoming meetings.

Brnik, 16 February 2007