30th anniversary of the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society and charity auction

The Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society (Gorenjska Sonček Society), the Cerebral Palsy Association of Slovenia (Sonček Association) and Aerodrom Ljubljana d.d. held a joint event to mark the 30th anniversary of the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society. The occasion also saw the appointment of Dr Tatjana Dolenc Veličkovič as honorary president of the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society. The well-known actors Janez Škof and Jurij Zrnec acted as masters of ceremony. The event also included a charity auction, the profits from which will help pay for alterations to the Sonček Centre in Kranj. Music was provided by the vocal group Xplozion.

During the gala event, members of the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society conferred the title of honorary president of the society on Dr Tatjana Dolenc Veličkovič in recognition of her many years of tireless work and visionary activity. Mojca Žižek, the current president of the society, used the occasion to give a presentation of the society's 30 years of activity and to introduce a fund-raising campaign for the Sonček Centre in Kranj. Iztok Suhadolnik, president of the Sonček Association, which incorporates all the cerebral palsy societies in the country, stressed the importance of the Gorenjska Cerebral Palsy Society as the driving force behind the founding of a professional organisation in 1983. The host of the event, Aerodrom Ljubljana CEO Vinko Može, highlighted the importance of the work of organisations such as the Sonček Association. He expressed his satisfaction that Aerodrom Ljubljana could help, and in this way contribute something to activities of this type.
The event was enlivened by a charity auction of items provided by Aerodrom Ljubljana. These consisted of liquids that air passengers are not permitted to carry in their hand luggage and which they therefore had to surrender before passing through security checks at the airport. The money raised at the action will go towards the renovation of the Sonček Centre in Kranj; the total cost of the renovation is estimated at €208,646. The sale of drinks at the auction raised €2,553.16, but sales of surrendered items will of course continue. The campaign has also been supported by Sava and Merkur, which have contributed funds for the renovation of a residential community. Radio Kranj, as media sponsor, is calling on its listeners to raise funds to improve the quality of life of people with special needs in Gorenjska.

Brnik, 27th March 2007