Instrument landing system reactivated

Tonight we reactivated the instrument landing system (ILS) for limited visibility conditions at Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. The system had been deactivated for the last two weeks. There was only one day of poor weather resulting in delays and the rerouting of aircraft. We once again apologise to passengers for any inconveniences.

The reason for the partial deactivation of the ILS was the repair of the aircraft runway. During this time, 330 metres of runway were repaired and two new taxiways were constructed. Work continued almost uninterrupted 24 hours a day, even in poor weather conditions. All activities were carried out as scheduled.

The ILS supports aircraft control via radio signals. The pilot controls the angle of descent and landing direction towards the runway in conditions of limited visibility and positions the aircraft in line with the landing route.

On Monday, 27 August we began construction on the apron in front of the new General Aviation Centre. The purpose of the work is to expand the apron to allow for the parking of an increased number of aircraft.

All this projects are part of Aerodrom Ljubljanas wider plans to develop Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport into one of the leading regional airports over the next 15 years. A business and logistics centre called Airport City is now being developed, which will offer tourist facilities, retail, warehousing, logistics and other airport-related services. A rail link to the airport is planned, and the Kranj-Mengeš main road will be re-routed to the north to make way for the new development. New business and administration buildings will be built at the airport with car parking, hotel, recreation and sports facilities, production and commercial facilities and aircraft and airport maintenance facilities.

Zgornji Brnik, 4 September 2007