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Airport location and access

Ljubljana Jože Pucnik Airport is the largest airport in the Republic of Slovenia. The central position allows the airport to play an important role in the country's transport system and tourism industry. The outstanding position at the crossroads of Europe, has given it a special role in the family of key European regional airports.

Catchment Area

Our catchment area extends beyond state boundaries. Airport is not far from southern parts of neighbouring Austria and northeast part of Italy, as well as from tourist resorts in Croatia. It covers population of more than 4 million inhabitants.
Ljubljana Jože Pucnik Airport is positioned not only close to Slovenian tourist centres, but also not far from some interesting places in neighbouring countries, like ski resorts and famous cities. Venice, for example, is only 250 kilometres away, so is Salzburg, the Mozart's town in Austria, and drive to Vienna won't take passengers more than four hours.

Rise to excellence

Within the company, we develop market orientated business culture. We focus our services to customers and assure the highest standards of service quality, security and safety. Our goal is excellence in all our activities. Aerodrom Ljubljana plc will strive also in the future to maintain its position as a premier facility in the region air transportation.

Traffic profile

  • 85 % of passengers fly on scheduled services.
  • 70 % of scheduled passengers fly on business trips. 
  • 20 % of departing passengers continue their flight via European hubs; detailed data available. 


Marketing opportunities

We offer marketing assistance by provision of marketing analysis and individual sales promotion campaigns together with our existing and potential partners: airlines, tour operators and others. We actively promote Slovenian tourist facilities. We pay special attention to development of cargo traffic and logistic facilities.

... and more:


  • Ljubljana Jože Pucnik Airport is congestion free airport.
  • Our airport and handling charges are competitive and flexible. 
  • We have room to develop and grow. 
  • There is a wide range of support services on and around airport. 
  • We care for environmentally sustainable development.


Whatever you need, we are ready to meet your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us marketing@lju-airport.si for more information.