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Main apron


The main apron of Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport has 25 parking stands arranged in two rows. The first row (closer to the passenger terminal) contains parking stands PSN 1 to PSN 15. The second row (closer to TWY A) contains parking stands PSN 31 to PSN 40.

Parking in the first-row parking stands is by the "nose-in/push-back" procedure. Parking in the second-row stands is "self-manoeuvring" (aircraft park and leave the parking stands autonomously under their own power).

To allow flexible use of the apron, in connection with different types of aircraft and different requirements, parking is also regulated slightly differently in individual parking stands. A "Follow Me" vehicle is available to provide assistance with manoeuvring on the apron and parking.



Parking Chart (pdf, 1.67 MB)