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Capacity and equipment


At the Aircargo Centre we make use of more than 4,000 m² of covered storage area equipped with modern equipment for handling air cargo, equipment for loading and unloading aircraft, and ramps for loading and unloading road vehicles. In addition, we have a veterinary border station with the latest equipment and refrigerated storage space for perishable goods

Our security system, video supervision of handling and information equipment ensure the continual and fast flow of goods, data and information in all directions.

Area of storage locations

 Basic storage area 4,100 m² 
Additional storage area 1,000 m²
Live animals (AVI) 10 m²
Radioactive (RRY) 9 m²
Valuable cargo (VAL) 14 m²
Dangerous cargo (DGR) 15 m²
Controlled room temperature (15°C - 25°C) 400 m²
Heated area 30 m²
Explosives (RXS) 6 m²
Cooler storage (2°C - 8°C) 150 m³
Freezer storage (−20°C) 25 m³
Human remains (HUM)  


 Handling equipment

Equipment Pcs.  Pcs. 
Linde E16 (1600 kg) forklift 7
Linde H30 (3000 kg) forklift 1
Linde H80 (8000 kg) forklift 1
Linde L12 (1200 kg) manual forklift 6
Leprotto traction tractor 3
Rofan traction tractor 1
Haiman X-ray machine 1
Scale up to 50 kg 3
Scale up to 1,000 kg 1
Scale up to 2,000 kg 2
Scale up to 3,000 kg 1
Scale up to 6,000 kg 1
Scale for ULD up to 9,000 kg 1
Slave pallet mover for ULD 1
Area for handling 14 ULD units with a lifting platform, capacity 8,000 kg 1
Lifting platform for ULD with capacity of 14 tons and height of 5.6 m 1
Lifting platform for ULD with capacity of 7 tons and height of 3.7 m 2
ULD dolly cart 40