The Ljubljana Aircargo Centre carries out the following services:

  • Cargo handling for cargo aircraft,
  • Cargo handling for passenger aircraft,
  • Road feeder service (RFS) for air and other cargo.

All of these activities are carried out in line with IATA standards, which govern the contractual relations for ground service for air transport of goods (airside handling):

  • Handling cargo and mail,
  • Handling special shipments (DG, VAL, AVI, etc.),
  • Document preparation,
  • X-ray examination of goods,
  • Supervision of ULD equipment,
  • Transhipment of ULD pallets and air containers,
  • Customs control,
  • Border inspection control,
  • Servicing of transit shipments by truck/aircraft,
  • Other services by arrangement.

Logistics services

At the Aircargo Centre we also carry out logistics services before or after air transport (landside handling):

  • Preparation of shipments for air transport,
  • Warehousing,
  • Customs warehousing,
  • Repackaging of goods,
  • Protection of goods with wrapping, etc.