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Sending shipments


Procedure for preparing goods for shipment

The entire process of preparing freight for shipment begins after the order has been received. Then you must ensure that the goods are properly packed and marked. The packaging protects contents and other shipments from damages, caused by transport conditions. The markings tell handling agent how to handle with the shipment.

When the goods have been prepared for shipping, you must contact the freight forwarding company and reserve transportation space for the entire journey of the cargo.

The freight forwarding company will require detailed information about the goods and the necessary shipping documents. You will also have to deliver the freight to the airport, if the freight forwarding company does not do so.

After the freight has been sent, it is recommended that all information about the shipment be sent to the consignee, that he can prepare the necessary documentation before the shipment arrives at its destination.

Please be aware that shipping goods is involved and complex work. We recommend that before shipping freight you consult your freight forwarding company, which will provide information about any special requirements or advantages offered by airlines.