Family friendly company

On 13. 5. 2016 Fraport Slovenija received a full certification of Family-friendly company and by this it committed to even better coordination of work and family, and to even greater social responsibility. In past years Fraport Slovenija has successfully implemented twelve family-friendly measures, which enable employee’s easier coordination of family and working life. Employees with family and other private responsibilities have for a certain period of time, inter alia, the possibility to work part-time, even outside the statutory legitimate period. Flexible working time (in agreement with superiors) is enabled for employees in a week when introducing the child to the kindergarten or school. In addition, company gives gifts to every newborn and organises events for active holidays of employees’ children (camps, kindergarten…). In adition to this Fraport Slovenija organizes Fun Airport Festival for the employees’ families each year. 

Respected employer

We have been named four times as one of the most respected employers by a major internet portals for job seekers.

We prize knowledge

In order to provide high quality airport services and the accompanying commercial activities, we need employees who are able to keep pace with the requirements of different airlines and with rapid technological changes. This is why we offer them constant training home and abroad.

Career development

Our employees consider Fraport Slovenija to be among more successful companies in our environment. The company enjoys a good reputation and looks after the safety of its employees.
For those of our employees that are the most perspective, we prepared career development plans. They enable us to prepare succession plans and systematically work with the best and most promising of our staff.

Our work is diverse

Airport jobs are characterized by peak hours. Most airplanes and passengers are handled between June and September and during mornings, middays and afternoons. That is why we prefer flexible employment. We mostly invite job seekers into our Operations Department.