Environmental Management


Environmental protection is a major principle of Aerodrom Ljubljana corporate philosophy. Tha main goal of our environmental management system is to ensure environmental stewardship by improving environmental protection efforts and prevention or minimization of negative impacts on the environment.

As the main airport in Slovenia, we impact the environment in various ways. Thus we have a special responsibility which we take serious. This is proven by the integration of Environmental management system in the strategic management of the company and fulfilment of requirements for ISO 14001 Certificate, received in year 2015 and renewed (transition to version 2015) in year 2018.

Environmental management system defines environmental policy and covers essential environmental aspects and their impact. Within the Environmental management system also appropriate environmental objectives, targets and programmes are introduced.

In addition to employees also contractors, lessees and other business partners and who may cause effects on the environment, are involved in carrying out the environmental policy and are therefore obliged to act in according with General Terms and Conditions of Environmental Protection.

In the past, the company has stepped up its continuous efforts to reduce the harmful effects of its activities on the environment also by implementing measures aimed at creating a Green Office, which is why it was the holder of the European Green Office certificate in the period 2013-2020. The environmental policy of the company, which manages and runs Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, has been enriched through the introduction of green practices in the field of office work.

Within the European Green Office project, the company also calculate their carbon footprint and at the Level 1 Mapping (in year 2013 and 2014 - renewal) and at Level 2 Reduction (in year 2015 upgrade and in years 2016-2019 - renewal) successfully passed the Certification of Airport Carbon Accreditation, which is the only independent institutionally-endorsed carbon standard for airports.