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Bird Strike Protection


The company has introduced several active and passive measures to protect against bird strikes. The main passive measures encompass habitat management in and around the airport. This is a complicated matter, and as the operator of the airport the company can only have a real impact on the area actually inside the airport fence. As part of this package of measures, regular inspections of the runway are made, and a daily record is kept. No crops that might attract birds can be sown in the area of the airport, and the grass is cut to a specific length.

In the immediate vicinity of the airport there are still a considerable number of factors that attract birds, and we therefore rely to a significant extent on active measures. The most widespread and effective system that we use to scare away birds is pyrotechnics, while a gas cannon is also employed in the summer. Another measure employed to ensure the safety of both air traffic and wild birds is the use of peregrine falcons, in conjunction with the Slovenian Falconry Association.

Our actions aimed at protecting against bird strikes focus primarily on effective and environmentally acceptable methods of scaring birds away from the airport area. Among the preventive measures, to be used in extreme circumstances, is a hunter, whom we have not called upon to date.