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Energy savings


Optimal heating and air-conditioning of the airport buildings is ensured by means of a central control system. In 2008 we thoroughly cleaned the furnaces and chimneys three times and provided for the regular servicing and electronic calibration of the oil and gas burners, thus reducing air pollution from gases from heating devices for a given heat source.

The consumption of fuel for heating increased slightly in 2008 as a result of the increase in the airports surface area. For several years now we have been reducing the amount of drinking water consumed. In 2008 the figure was 25,390 cubic metres, or a drop of 5% on the year before.

In order to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions into the environment, we plan to switch to heating with natural gas in the near future. Upon completion of the new passenger terminal, we are planning to connect the airport complex to natural gas and replace the heating devices accordingly, which will represent a major step in our environmental efforts.

We are also contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere through the regular servicing of total of 165 vehicles, and through the gradual replacement of old cooling devices with new systems using environmentally-friendly freons.