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Noise protection

As an operator of Ljubljana Airport we have been intensly working on the issues of air noise and its impact on the surrounding inhabitants for a decade. The main sources of noise on the territory of the airport are aviation operations (take-offs and landings) on the runway. Passenger and cargo traffic and also general aviation are considered as the sources of noise at the airport. Other sources of noise (the ones coming from road traffic, field work and other extraordinary events, etc.) are not taken into consideration when assessing our environmental impact.

According to the decree regulating environment noise assessment, Ljubljana Airport belongs to smaller airports. For those airports the requirements of noise pollution are a bit stricter than for bigger airports with over 50,000 operations of air traffic annually.

From December 2008 until the end of March 2019 we were performing continuous noise monitoring in the most noise exposed areas In 2019 we will continue with annual (occasional) noise measurements in the summer season and thus continue to monitor the noise levels during the day, evening and night time in the busiest period of the year.

Every year we produce noise maps for the area around the airport. Noise maps are produced for the average noise of the whole year and show noise burden in bands of 5 dB or in individual isophones. So we show the course of noise level limits in relation to the indicators provided by the legislation. The basis for creating a sound propagation model are the data about the annual number of operations at the airport and the data on distribution of individual operations in terms of the direction and the type of operation (take-off/landing).

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Reports on noise measurements

Continuous measurements: