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Noise protection


The introduction of continuous noise monitoring in December 2008 means that our airport is now one of more than 40 around Europe that have similar monitoring of the noise load on the environment. This is an important step in our overall approach to the problem of noise in the environs of the airport, which in this phase will allow for the identification of the worst infringers, and will provide for specific actions (flight restrictions, charges) to be taken once the relevant legislation has been passed.

Measuring terminals have been provided in the four most-exposed residential areas under the takeoff and approach paths. Based on the data sent to the monitoring centre by the measuring units, noise sources are identified and daily and annual loads are determined, while once a year a noise map will be drawn to determine the area with the heaviest load. In July 2009 was established a link with radar data, which made the identification of the noise source easier and more reliable.

If you would like to pose a question regarding noise protection or made a complaint about it you can fulfll the prepared form.


Data source:
- Noise data: ZVD Institute of Occupational Safety Limited.
- Radar data: Slovenia Control, Limited. Data refreshing: 10-30 minutes.

Reports on noise measurements