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Waste materials and obsolete computer hardware


We have an agreement with our motor oil supplier for the free removal and disposal of about 3 tonnes of waste oil. We also collect waste batteries, battery components, tyres, neon lighting, oil filters and oily rags, which are removed by authorised disposal companies.

We collect obsolete computer hardware and, once a year, deliver it to our computer equipment supplier, which carries out the processes necessary to separate the raw materials and recycles them into new raw materials for the manufacture of new products.

Despite the fact that paper, cardboard packaging, plastics, metal and glass are collected separately in order to reduce the quantity of unsorted waste, there was an increase in this quantity in 2008 to 3,900 m3 (from 3,700 m3 in 2007). This waste is deposited at the nearby landfill in Tenetiše.