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Water Protection


Continuous operation of the biological treatment plant ensures the cleanliness of the wastewater produced by the airport. We keep appropriate records of this which show daily inspections, observations and interventions made. The water that flows into the aquifer from the airport complex, along with faecal matter from the complex and from aircraft and waste liquids from the de-icing of aircraft, are all treated in the biological treatment plant. The treatment procedures generate about 70 tonnes of sludge annually; this is transported away and further processed by a municipal service company.

In addition to the treatment of wastewater, cleanliness of the aquifer is also ensured by means of 56 oil and fat separators installed on and alongside asphalt surfaces. Purified rainwater flows directly from them into the aquifer. We carry out regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance of the separators, and keep appropriate records of inspections to ensure the traceability of work performed.

External monitoring of the quality of wastewater treated in the biological treatment plant and the oil and fat separators is carried out by Kranj Institute of Healthcare, which has assessed our results in this area as above average for several years now.

In the next two to three years, we plan to connect our sewage system to the public sewage network, which means that treatment of the airports wastewater will be carried out at the treatment plant in Domžale. This will provide us with a long-term solution to the issue of the limited capacity of our biological treatment plant. This does not, as yet, present a problem, but the planned development of the airport, which will lead to greater traffic volumes and thus to an increase in quantities of wastewater, will mean that existing capacities will no longer suffice.