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Governance system

The scope of governance system in the company

Governance system comprises of four strategic pillars, namely:

Aviation (airport services and ground handling)

Fraport Slovenija is the airport managing body as well as the sole ground handling provider at Ljubljana Airport (passenger, baggage, aircraft and cargo handling).

Commercial and Real Estate

Commercial services include the following categories: airside and landside shops (e.g. perfume, cosmetics, liquor, and tobacco), food and beverage (F&B), and services such as car rental, advertising and car parking.

Cargo services

Cargo services include physical and documentation services for cargo and passenger aircraft and road feeder services (RFS) for air and other cargo.

Aviation Academy

Aviation Academy offers training in airport management, rescue and firefighting, and ground handling.

In the scope of governance system are buildings (with the accompanying building titles), plots of land owned by Fraport Slovenija, other land (airside and landside areas) for which the 40 year building title has been granted to Fraport Slovenija (by 1 January 2054) by the Republic of Slovenia. Also the buildings outside of airport area owned by Fraport Slovenija (e.g. holiday capacity) are included.

The governance system also includes contractors, tenants, environmental organizations and occupational safety organizations. The company informs them in a suitable manner with regards to their responsibilities for environmental protection and occupational safety. These contractors are: maintenance personnel, suppliers of energy products and personal protective and work equipment, transportation organizations, personnel carrying out operational monitoring and other similar measurements, constructors and others.