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Occupational Safety System

We strive to ensure that our occupational safety system provides a safe working environment. Therefore, within our activities and business decisions, we are committed to:

  • Developing occupational safety system,
  • Proper documentation of our occupational safety system,
  • Implementation of occupational safety system,
  • Maintaining occupational safety system,
  • Continuous improvement of the occupational safety system in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard.

           Strategic occupational safety commitments:

  • Take measures to reduce accidents and injuries at work.
  • To reduce negative impacts on work environment.
  • To encourage safety at work.
  • Take measures to prevent accidents at work.
  • Introduce occupational safety best practices.
  • Introduce occupational safety guidelines in processes related to public procurement.
  • To encourage responsible and appropriate behaviour by educating, informing and raising the awareness of all employees regarding aspects of their jobs related to the occupational safety.
  • Providing training for all employees.
  • Concluding written agreements with all contractors, business partners and other people who work for the company or on its behalf.
  • Meet the conditions required by occupational safety legislation and other requirements.
  • Provide human and financial resources
    for the occupational safety system and related measures.
  • Promote transparency, communication and dialogue with interested parties and the general public.
  • To encourage employees to co-create the occupational safety policy

    Strategic objectives for occupational safety:

    In accordance with the occupational safety commitments and legal and other requirements, we formulate strategic objectives that are part of the company's sustainable strategy. The central strategic objectives in the key areas of occupational safety until 2025 are:

  • Occupational safety system 

    Maintaining the occupational safety system (ISO 45001). 

  • Reducing injuries at work / out of work 

    Reducing the number and severity of injuries through regular training for safe work, additional awareness of employees, and regular monitoring of work processes. 

  • Improving the working environment 

    By regular measurements and inspections of the working environment, adapting the working environment to a person (employee) related to their needs - health aspect ... 

  • Modernization and improvement of work equipment 

    By eliminating old and worn-out work equipment, through regular maintenance and inspection of equipment, updating equipment related to the requirements of the process and at the same time the needs of workers. 

  • Updating and improving personal protective equipment 

    By eliminating old and worn-out personal protective equipment, by regularly maintaining and inspecting personal protective equipment, by adjusting equipment, it is risk-related, and at the same time needs (adaptation) to workers. 

  • Improving cooperation with external providers in the field of occupational safety 

    By means of information and with written agreements, regular controls and records. 

  • Promote health at work through health promotion 

    By organizing various sports events - internal and external, with various workshops, organizing excursions and other events.