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Quality Management System

Fraport Slovenija strives to achieve a high level of quality and, in doing so, to ensure the development of the airport in line with the demands of carriers, passengers and other business partners and domestic and European legislation.

We make efforts to meet the demands of our passengers, airlines, business partners, employees, owners and social environment through the efficient management of business processes. We pay a great deal of attention to the ongoing monitoring of the needs and wishes of airport users while at the same time pursuing a desire to exceed their expectations. In this way, we nurture a commitment to constantly improving the quality of our services and achieving a greater degree of efficiency in our operations. The satisfaction of our customers is one of our most important goals.

Through the company’s integrated governance system policy, we demonstrate our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality. Through their approach to their work, our employees respect this policy and do their best to contribute to its implementation.