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The year 2011 marked business uncertainty of domestic carrier Adria Airways which reduced its availability of flights. In February, the company increased its ownership stake in Adria Airways Tehnika, d.d. and member of the Management Board of Aerodrom Ljubljana, Mrs Bernarda Trebušak was appointed to its board of directors. In June a cooperation agreement with Air India was signed. This documet was the basis for further agreements on cooperation between Air India, Adria Airways, d.d. and Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.d., but in 2011 the collaboration did not materialize. The Supervisory Board entrusted the management of the company to Chairman of the Board Mr. Zmago Skobir for the next five years. During the summer timetable Finnair connected us with capital Helsinki four times a week. Job Airlines stopped flying in February.


Further cooling of the economy in Slovenia and in Europe and the strategy of domestic carriers have resulted in a fall of turnover. Providing quality of service remains one of the most important policies of the company, so we renovated and expanded business lounge in March to improve the standard of passengers traveling. The contract of the construction and finishing work on a new passenger terminal, which will be a key investment of Aerodrom Ljubljana in the following years, was announced in September. Intensive multi-year effort to increase traffic by low-cost carriers have paid off.  With winter timetable Wizz Air started flights to Brussels and London. At the end of the year, the European Commission issued a decision on the allocation of European funds to build a new passenger terminal.


For the first time since 2008, company succeeded to achieve growth in traffic, both passenger and cargo. Multiannual negative trend turned mainly because of traffic, generated by foreign airlines. Domestic carrier Adria Airways has stabilized its business. New airline Air Serbia opened regular daily services to Belgrade.
At the general meeting in September a resolution that would have approved the investment in the new T2 passenger terminal was not passed despite the fact that project was defined as a strategic goal and all conditions for its realization were completed. 
The Governement of the Republic of Slovenia classified Aerodrom Ljubljana on the list of state-owned enterprises for sale and certain proceedures for the privatisation begun. In October Slovenian Restitution Fund on its own behalf and as the statutory representative of Slovenian state had signed an agreement with some shareholders of Aerodrom Ljubljana on acting in concert in the sale of shares that together constitute 73.34% of the company’s share capital. It is expected that Aerodrom Ljubljana will get a new owner in 2014.


The year was marked by the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the airport, which was accompanied by a set of interesting events and shows. The biggest turning point was undoubtedly sale of Aerodrom Ljubljana to the German airport operator Fraport AG, which in September signed a contract for purchasing 75.5 percent of all shares. By the end of the year Aerodrom Ljubljana was almost entirely in Fraport's ownership. Growth in passenger and freight traffic and good business continued also in 2014.


In the first months of the year the majority owner, Fraport AG, acquired 100 percent stake in Aerodrom Ljubljana and the company was transformed from a joint stock company into a limited liability company on the last day of March. The year was significantly marked by integration to the Fraport Group and the internal reorganization of the company. Good performance continued. Growth in traffic was significant also in 2015 and it was fastest in the region. In May the company received the ISO 14001 certificate for permanently reducing the adverse impact of their activities on the environment.


In 2016 the construction of 2,350 meter section of the new road past the airport began, which marked an important step for further development of the airport. Third of the investment is financed by Aerodrom Ljubljana. The company continued the integration into Fraport Group and started the implementation of the Fraport Aviation Academy, whose main purpose is to meet the educational needs of Fraport Group airports and also the wider market.