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WebCheckIn (step 1)


Please note:
For ADRIA AIRWAYS WEB-CHECK-IN regarding all ADRIA AIRWAYS Passengers (Airline code JP), click HERE.
Web Check-in is possible as early as 24 hours up to 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.)

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How to do web check-in

Terms and Conditions


  • Web check-in is available until 60 minutes before departure.
  • Available only for passengers holding an electronic ticket.
  • Available for the carrier indicated in the menu with airline codes.
  • You should be present at the gate at the time indicated on your boarding pass.
  • The boarding pass should be printed before arriving to the airport or saved on your mobile phone.
  • If you are already checked-in and you will not be able to travel, please contact us on 00386(0)4 2061 981
  • Business Class passengers, specific card holders or flyljubljana members can take advantage of the Priority Lane at the security control point. To confirm your free access please step to any of the check-in counters when at the airport.

Restrictions on web check-in

  • Restrictions on web check- in apply only to certain connecting flights with other carriers
  • Restrictions on web check- in apply for certain connecting and return flights which are not yet available for check-in.
  • Online check in is not available for children under 12 years old travelling alone (unaccompanied minors).
  • Online check in is not available for passengers requiring special assistance.
  • Online check in is not available for passengers travelling with small children under two years.