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Useful advice

  • Arrive on time.
  • Before arriving check if you have all the documents on you.
  • After arriving at the airport verfy the gate number. The same applies to your connecting airports.
  • Do not pack dangerous or sharp objects in your hand baggage, because they will be taken at the security check.
  • Liquids in hand baggage must be properly packed in a resealable bag - if you do not have it, it is available at the check in counter.
  • The maximum weight of each piece of baggage to be checked-in must not exceed 32 kg. The exception to the rule are special types of baggage. In case of excess weight you will be asked to repack your baggage as the check-in of a bag heavier than 32kg will be rejected.
  • If you would like to check-in a backpack, make sure that all straps are tightly fastened. Before check-in put the backpack into a dedicated box, which is located in front of the check-in counters. The backpack should be placed on the scale together with the box.
  • After check-in please check if you have all the baggage receipts. There should be one for each checked-in piece of baggage.
  • Acceptance and check-in of the baggage of strangers is not recommended!
  • Please remember the appearance of your baggage, especially those items of baggage you have borrowed from your relatives or friends.
  • Do not pack food, fragile bottles or perishables in your baggage. Try to imagine what would happen to them if they were stored in a warehouse for a few weeks.
  • Carrier takes all responsibility only for registered baggage for which the baggage receipt was issued. Hand baggage is your responsibility.
  • Important and valuable items should be placed in your hand baggage (e.g. medications, small gifts,documents ...).