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Airport Check-in


Check-in counters are marked with the carrier logo and the class of travel.

For Adria Airways scheduled flights the so-called "Common check-in" principle is used, which means that counters are opened for all flights during the day and are distinguished only by class. The counters open around 5:00 am or more specificaly 90 minutes before departure for the morning flights before 7 a.m., and 120 minutes before departure for all other flights. Check-in closes 20 minutes before departure.

For other carriers the so-called "Per Flight check-in" principle is used, which means that the counters open for a specific flight mostly 120 minutes (can be less or more) before departure and close 30 minutes before departure or earlier, depending on the carrier. The same principle also applies to charter flights.

For the exact opening and closing times of the flights check-in, contact the carrier.

During check-in you will be asked to show your ticket and travel documents. The bagagge you would like to check-in should be placed on the scale. At the end you will be issued the boarding pass and bagagge receipt.

More on air passenger rights can be found here.

EU regulation 261/2004 of the European Parliament established common rules on compensation and assistance to Pasengers,in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of filghts. If you are affected by any of these occurances, please contact your airline representatives for further details on your rights. If you belive that carrier have failed to fulfil the obligations of the Regulation correctly, you may contact the competent national body in Slovenia authorised to implement the Decree in all individual cases: Civil Aviation Agency, Kotnikova ulica 19A, 1000 Ljubljana, Tel: +386 1 244 66 01, E: info@caa.si.